Here’s a list of my holdings as of September 2019. They are in no particular order. Some I have held for more than twenty years, while others are fairly recent additions.

The themeatic approach

Most of my portfolio is in global funds but I’m also investing in a few themes that I like being small-caps, private equity and infrastructure/renewables. Where I have written about a trust or theme, I’ve linked to my most recent article about it.

You’ll see that I also own an ETF (Vanguard All-World) and a couple of funds that aren’t investment trusts (Lindsell Train Global and Fundsmith Equity).

What’s not listed here

I sometimes hold shares in individual companies, should I get a sudden rush of blood to the head, but I don’t intend to list them here. I only have one at the moment.

In terms of other assets, a decent chunk of my net worth consists of residential and commerical property so I’m certainly not all in on equities. I also keep the usual ’emergency fund’ of cash to cover unexpected expenses.

I don’t own any fixed-income securities (i.e. bonds/gilts) right now. That’s something I am thinking of adding, although it’s not an asset class that’s well served by investment trusts.

I’ve written about my investing strategy here with an overview of what I am aiming to do and how I plan to do it. And you can find my recent portfolio reviews here. I’m doing quarterly reviews at the moment, but I might move to half-yearly at some point.

None of the trusts listed below should be considered as buy recommendations. What I think suits my investment purposes and my tolerance for risk may not be appropriate for others. As the saying goes, you should always do your own research.


  • RIT Capital Partners (RCP)
  • Caledonia Investments (CLDN)
  • Murray International (MYI)
  • JPMorgan Global Growth and Income (JPGI)
  • Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF (VWRL)
  • Lindsell Train Global Equity (Fund)
  • Fundsmith Equity (Fund)


  • Henderson Smaller Companies (HSL)
  • BlackRock Smaller Companies (BRSC)
  • Acorn Income Fund (AIF)
  • Smithson (SSON)

Private Equity / Venture Capital Trusts

  • HG Capital (HGT)
  • Princess Private Equity (PEYS)
  • Baronsmead Venture Trust (BVT)


  • HICL Infrastructure (HICL)
  • Bluefield Solar Income (BSIF)
  • Gresham House Energy Storage (GRID)

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