Technology investment trusts, Boy and girl wearing VR googles, Photo by STEMShare NSW on Unsplash

A Tempting Time To Turn To Tech

Reading time: 7 mins

We all have stories about investments that got away. One of mine concerns a technology investment trust that I ditched a long time ago.

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Smithson Investment Trust

A Smooth Start For Smithson

Reading time: 5 mins

Smithson Investment Trust (SSON) released an interim report this morning, giving us a decent look at what’s been happening in four and a half months since it joined the market. There was little in the way of surprises and it looks like everything is proceeding to plan.

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Tetragon, weird-shaped building, Photo by Callum Wale on Unsplash

The Tale Of Tetragon And The Dastardly Discount

Reading time: 9 mins

Whenever I see an investment trust trading at a discount of nearly 50%, my spidey sense starts tingling. There’s either a great opportunity… or great danger. Tetragon Financial Group is one such example. Having seen it mentioned in enthusiastic terms a few times in recent months, I decided it was worthy of a closer look.

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Key Informantion Document KID, Two yellow boxing gloves hanging down, Image from Pixabay

KIDs: The Gloves Are Off!

Reading time: 5 mins

Costs are one of the few things we can control as investors. They have a massive impact on your long-term returns, too. While you could say performance is ultimately all that matters, I’d still say costs should be a key factor when choosing where to invest.

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Fund charges as represented by taxi meter, Photo by John Cobb on Unsplash

Does Your Fund Charge Too Much?

Reading time: 8 mins

Since I started to invest, fund charges have generally headed in a southerly direction. Thanks to the popularity of index funds, Vanguard and the late, great John Bogle, more of my returns are finding their way into my pocket rather than someone else’s.

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