Books About Investment Trusts

Books about investment trusts are pretty thin on the ground, reflecting the low profile nature of the industry. However, I’ve collected a few that I have come across on this page. I’ve read some but not all of them.

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Investment Trust Handbook 2019

The second edition of Jonathan Davis’s annual round-up of investment trusts is now available. It has chapters on investment trust basics plus a more advanced analysis section, plus contributions from fund managers and other sector experts.

An ebook version is available for free at Harriman House, although you need to sign up to their email list to get access to it.

The 2018 version is worth reading and I reviewed it here. There’s a fair amount of overlap with the 2019 version, as you might expect.

Financial Times Guide To Investment Trusts

The FT’s guide is probably the best-known title on investment trusts. It’s written by John Baron, who runs his own subscription service offering investment trust portfolios and writes an occasional column for Investors Chronicle.

The most recent version was published in 2013, so is a little dated now, but a new version is set to be published in March 2020 and can be pre-ordered by the keen.


Put Not Your Trust In Money

This book covers the birth of the investment trust industry in the 1860s and their subsequent development. It’s over 20 years old now and only second-hand copies seem to be available. I recently got hold of a copy and plan to read it soon.

A taster chapter from John Newlands, the book’s author, is available in the 2018 Investment Trust Handbook.

Investing For Generations

Alliance Trust seems to have made headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent years, with the long-running saga over its online investment platform and management changes.

This was published in 2013, so I suspect it doesn’t cover any of those shenanigans, but Alliance certainly has a rich history.

The Split Capital Investment Trust Crisis

In the early 2000s, these niche investment trusts gave their shareholders a whole world of pain. They largely died out as a result.

It’s a reminder of the twin dangers of too much debt and too much complexity when it comes to investing. Not the industry’s finest hour!

The History Of Foreign & Colonial

The oldest investment trust recently changed its name and rebranded itself F&C. Maybe its directors should have read this publication before ditching 150 years of history!

100 Years Of Murray International

I came across this 44-page PDF on the Aberdeen website while researching an article. Essential reading if you hold this popular global income fund.

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