Investment Trusts Handbook 2022

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2022

The fifth edition of The Investment Trusts Handbook has just been published. It includes all the usual updated analyses of the trust sector, written by editor Jonathan Davis.

The analysis section covers how to research trusts and get the most out of the AIC website, sector breakdowns and key metrics, the largest and oldest trusts, the longest-serving managers, the managers with the most ‘skin in the game’, the best performing trusts over 10, 20 and 30 years, year-by-year sector returns over the last 25 years, and much more.

There are also contributions from a number of industry experts and this year I’m proud to say that I have written a chapter describing what I look for and why when I dig into an individual investment trust.

As in previous years, the hardcover version costs around £30 but the digital download is free. You can get a copy here via Amazon (Hardcover/free Kindle book) or at Harriman House (Hardcover/free eBook).

Contributors this year include many names that fans of the trust sector may be familiar with:

  • Max King (former fund manager who writes on trusts for Moneyweek)
  • Sir John Kay (economics professor, FT columnist, and former director of Scottish Mortgage)
  • Sandy Cross (investment manager at Rossie House Investment Management)
  • Simon Elliott (head of trust research at Winterflood Securities who appears on the Money Makers weekly podcast)
  • Emma Bird (analyst at Winterflood Securities)
  • James Carthew (Citywire columnist and analyst at QuotedData)
  • Alex Davies (founder of Wealth Club)
  • William Heathcoat Amory (co-founder of Kepler Partners)
  • Charles Luke (manager of Murray Income)
  • Matthew Tillett (manager of Brunner)
  • Simon Gergel (manager of Merchants Trust)
  • Iain McCombie (co-manager of Baillie Gifford UK Growth)
  • Philip Waller (manager of JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets)
  • Gareth Powell and James Douglas (managers of Polar Capital Global Healthcare)

Order your copy of the Handbook here

Season’s greetings to all! I’ll post again in early January with my 2021 portfolio update. You can also check out my book page for more reading ideas.

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2 Replies to “The Investment Trusts Handbook 2022”

  1. The kindle version is only available to UK AMAZON clients.
    I am a trust investor but not from the UK.
    How could I get a copy of the handbook?
    All the best.

  2. Hi Alain,

    I think you should be able to get the eBook version from Harriman House and then email the PDF to your Kindle email address. It should then appear in your Kindle library.

    Hope that helps.

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