The Investment Trusts Handbook 2024

Today sees the publication of the seventh edition of The Investment Trusts Handbook, the essential sector guide.

The eBook/Kindle edition is free, as usual, and the hardcover edition costs £29.99. You can order either version via Amazon (referral link) or Harriman House.

This year’s edition is the longest yet and runs to over 340 pages. As well as Jonathan Davis’s usual thoughts on the year just gone and what might lie in store, there are contributions from Max King, John Baron, Alex Davies, James Carthew, and Andrew McHattie.

Ben Conway sets out his idea on how the trust sector can reinvigorate itself and the CEO of the AIC, Richard Stone, gives his view of where things stand. Simon Edelsten looks back on his long career as a fund manager, most recently running Mid Wynd, while Simon Elliott describes his new role, liaising between JPMorgan and the boards of the many investment trusts it manages.

We have five trust profiles this year with Jonathan looking at Pantheon and Fidelity Emerging Markets while I cover Murray International, F&C, and Polar Capital Technology.

There are also Q&As with several managers such as Abbey Glennie (Abrdn UK Smaller Companies Growth), Marcus Phayre-Mudge (TR Property), Nicholas Price (Fidelity Japan), Gaurav Narain (India Capital Growth), Kate Fox (Keystone Positive Change), Joe Bauernfreund (AVI Global and AVI Japan Opportunity), Stephen Lilley (Greencoat UK Wind), and Rhys Davies (Invesco Bond Income Plus). There is also a discussion with Ewan Lovett-Turner and Ben Rogoff tells us the many ways that AI might impact pretty much everything we do.

The book closes with updated sections on how to analyse investment trusts and the usual tables covering the oldest trusts, best long-term performers over 10, 20 & 30 years, longest-serving managers, managers with the most ‘skin in the game’, lists of those trusts with specific discount control policies, those who pay out enhanced dividends, and much more.

In short, there’s something for everyone who has an interest in investment trusts, whether you’re just starting or have been picking and choosing your investments for decades.

You can order a copy now at Amazon (referral link), Harriman House, and all good booksellers.



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