How I Set Up This Blog

I was pretty surprised just how easy it was to set up this blog.

One day, I was just surfing around, vaguely toying with the idea of starting a website. Then I noticed that the URL “” wasn’t taken. My mind started whirring!

I’d never really looked at the mechanics of what was needed to start a blog. However, after a little hunting around, I came across a recommendation for Tsohost who make it very simple to set up a Word Press blog, register domain names, and set up email addresses.

They also offer ‘Let’s Encrypt’, which is a simple to way get the SSL certificate to make your website secure (so your URL begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP).

Within a couple of hours, I had this website up and running, albeit with very little in the way of actual content. Two domain names and basic hosting for two years cost me just £36 (so just £1.50 a month).

I chose Word Press as I had used it for a few years in my day job, and it makes it very simple to add features like an email newsletter, automated backups, social media buttons, etc with free plug-ins. That’s great if you’re not particularly technically minded. Personally, I know some basic HTML, but that’s pretty much it.

It’s actually been great fun learning how everything fits together, adding new features, and even just keeping tabs on visitor numbers.

I have a 10% off affiliate code you can use at Tsohost if you’re interested in setting up your own blog. Just enter “ITInvestor” on the checkout page and I’ll get a small commission.

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